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Primary Home Sale Tax Exclusion

Richard Ong / June 08, 2018 /

Real Estate, Tax Planning

How to lock down the home sale exclusion Good news if you're selling your home: The home sale exclusion wasn't touched by the massive tax law changes. Arguably one of the biggest tax breaks to be ...

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Business / Vacation Travel Expenses

Richard Ong / June 01, 2018 /

Tax Deductions

Travel Expense - Business or Personal?...

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Tax Credits For Summer Hires?

Richard Ong / May 26, 2018 /

    Is your company looking to hire new employees or take on extra help for the summer? If you hire workers from groups of people the government identifies as having major barriers to employment, you ...

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Client Spotlight: Kansas City Strength & Conditioning

Andrea Gallego / May 23, 2018 /

Client Spotlight

As Kansas City Strength & Conditioning (KCSC) approaches its second anniversary, owners John Renzi and Matt Hinkley are finding that the same approach that has made KCSC the go-to training facility ...

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Like - Kind Exchanges - New Tax Law

Richard Ong / May 18, 2018 /

Are you selling real estate or other investment or business property like collectibles or cars? Generally, you'll owe capital gains tax on a gain, but you might arrange a Section 1031 exchange of ...

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Top Tax Scams

Richard Ong / May 11, 2018 /

Tax Fraud

The IRS recently issued its annual list of the Dirty Dozen tax scams to watch out for throughout the year. Here are three top scam themes to come out of the list, plus ways to protect yourself from ...

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New Depreciation Rules For 2018

Richard Ong / May 03, 2018 /

Tax Deductions

Here are four new and improved depreciation tax breaks: The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) includes numerous provisions designed to stimulate business growth, including changes in depreciation ...

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Happy Tax Day!

Richard Ong / April 17, 2018 /

Tax Planning

Tick, tick, tick … the deadline for filing your 2017 tax return is rapidly approaching. The traditional due date is April 15, but you technically have until April 17 to file your 2017 return. Why? ...

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What Type of IRA is Right For You?

Richard Ong / March 18, 2018 /

Tax Deductions

It's 2018, so it's too late to cut your 2017 tax bill…right? Wrong. If you qualify, you can deduct all or part of a contribution to a traditional IRA made before April 17, 2018 on your 2017 tax ...

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Miscellaneous Tax Deductions For 2017

Richard Ong / March 11, 2018 /

Tax Deductions

What do you call those deductible expenses that don't fit squarely into any other category? The IRS refers to them as "miscellaneous" expenses. If you qualify, you can deduct the excess above 2 ...

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