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Gift & GST Tax Planning

Richard Ong / August 26, 2016 /

Estate Tax, Tax Planning

As you begin your estate planning, strategies for reducing estate tax may be first on your to-do list. Or perhaps you think the current $5.45 million exclusion, combined with portability of the ...

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Avoid Tax on Real Estate Sales

Richard Ong / August 24, 2016 /

Real Estate

Are you holding onto business or investment real estate primarily because of the taxes you would incur upon a sale? Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code may provide you with the ability to defer ...

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Are you familiar with these tax code sections?

Nick Ong / August 22, 2016 /

Tax Planning

While the tax code sometimes seems like a foreign language, understanding it can help you make informed decisions. The good news is that you probably know more tax code sections than you think. Here ...

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The Holy Grail of Tax Planning - HSA's

Richard Ong / August 17, 2016 /

Health Insurance

Before the advent of today's Health Savings Accounts (HSA's) created by Congress in 2003, taxpayers generally had three choices in deciding how to sst aside money for the future....

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Tax Favored Post Secondary Education Savings Plans

Richard Ong / August 12, 2016 /

Education Savings

Tax benefits of 529 plans extend beyond traditional colleges Is your child or grandchild pursuing educational goals after high school, though not at a traditional four-year college? If so, you may ...

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IRS Fighting Tax Fraud

Richard Ong / August 05, 2016 /

Tax Fraud

In tax law, new rules can seem arbitrary and annoying, especially when what used to take only a few steps now requires many more. But with financial crimes on the increase, recent changes to the way ...

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Client Spotlight: Autism From The Start

Nick Ong / August 01, 2016 /

Client Spotlight

  In 2008, Dr. Michelle Macrorie returned to her hometown of Kansas City with her husband and two children with a goal of developing a practice that focused exclusively on serving children and ...

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