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IRS Tax Collectors

Richard Ong / November 29, 2016 /

Tax Debt

The IRS isn't giving up its job as the nation's tax collection agency, but it is farming out some of the work. Starting this spring, four private contractors will begin helping collect delinquent tax ...

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Kick-start Deductions for a New Business

Nick Ong / November 18, 2016 /

Starting a New Business

Are you launching a new business venture? If so, you've probably spent money getting ready to open your doors. Normally, you're required to amortize these "startup" costs over a period of 180 months, ...

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Harvesting Tax Losses

Richard Ong / November 11, 2016 /

Tax Planning

From a tax planning perspective, the end of the year is the "season of the harvest" for capital gains. Harvesting means you analyze your portfolio, determine your tax situation, and select investment ...

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Tax Choices for Natural Disasters

Richard Ong / November 04, 2016 /

Tax Planning

As you begin the process of recovering from a natural disaster, you'll eventually have some tax decisions to make. One of them includes when to claim the deduction for the loss on your federal income ...

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Client Spotlight: Love to Travel

Nick Ong / November 01, 2016 /

Client Spotlight

Life is good at the beach house for Overland Park based travel agency, Love to Travel, as they continue to rack up awards in the travel industry. Kim and Dave Cook recently traveled back to the ...

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