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Payroll Reporting Reminders

Don't forget — October is the month for preparing third-quarter 2018 payroll reports. As you begin gathering the information you'll send to federal, state and local governments, check your compliance ...

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Should You Have A Health Savings Account?

Your health savings account refresher Health savings accounts (HSAs) have been around a long time, and little has changed since they were first introduced in 2003. They offer tax benefits, many of ...

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Do You Owe Back Taxes?

Richard Ong / September 27, 2018 /

Tax Representation

Owe money to the IRS? You may have options Are you up to your ears in tax debt or at odds with the IRS over your tax liability? You may have more payment options than you think....

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Simplified Employee Pension Plans

Small business owners: Consider an SEP One type of retirement plan that often fits the needs of small business owners is the Simplified Employee Pension (SEP). Typically, accounts are set up as SEP ...

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Can We Still Deduct Student Loan Interest?

Richard Ong / September 10, 2018 /

Tax Deductions

School yourself on the student loan interest deduction Although recent tax legislation has eliminated or scaled back many prized deductions for 2018 through 2025, it didn't touch the deduction for ...

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Vehicle Tax Deduction Alternatives?

The tax dilemma for business drivers If you use a vehicle for business driving, you have a tax choice: deduct your actual expenses or use an IRS-approved standard mileage rate. Frequently, the actual ...

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Do You Have a Home Office?

How to preserve your home office deduction Do you work from home? Frequently, you can qualify for home office deductions offsetting taxable income from a sole proprietorship or other small business. ...

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Tax Favored Education Savings Plans

Saving for school? Check out the updated 529 plan Now that your teens are heading back to school this fall, it's a good time to start planning for their higher education. That means you may be ...

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Historic Building Tax Credits

How to nail down the historic structures credit Are you thinking of renovating a building you own in an historic part of town? Before you start knocking down walls, find out if the building qualifies ...

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Tax Benefits of Summer Camp For Kids

  Are you sending your kids to summer camp while you and your spouse work? Not only will your kids enjoy it, you will also when you see the potential tax break. If certain requirements are met, the ...

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