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New Tax Breaks for Businesses

Nick Ong / February 18, 2018 /

Tax Planning, Tax Deductions

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) does much more for businesses than lower corporate tax rates. With careful planning, your small business may realize big tax benefits under the new law. Here are ...

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Client Spotlight: Baltuska Chiropractic

Nick Ong / November 03, 2017 /

Client Spotlight

As a kid, Dr. Kelly Baltuska would ride his bike along Santa Fe Trail Drive in Lenexa, KS with his six siblings. Little did he know that he would end up opening a booming Chiropractic practice in one ...

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Client Spotlight: Emily Hart Bridal

Nick Ong / June 29, 2017 /

Client Spotlight

Local bridal boutique owner and designer, Emily Brown, of Emily Hart Bridal is giving back to those in need through her Hart for Humanity campaign while continuing to create memorable experiences for ...

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Protect Yourself from Payroll Tax Penalties

Nick Ong / January 06, 2017 /


As an employer, you're responsible for collecting payroll taxes from employee wages and depositing the taxes with the IRS. The IRS takes these rules very seriously – so seriously that if your ...

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Client Spotlight: Aeromotive

Nick Ong / January 04, 2017 /

Client Spotlight

On December 8th, Aeromotive officially announced a partnership with Waterman Racing Components that will combine the R&D and design expertise of the two powerhouses in the serious fuel systems ...

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Client Spotlight: True Health PA

Nick Ong / December 05, 2016 /

Client Spotlight

True Health PA is taking an innovative approach to healthcare in the Kansas City metro area through an integrated model of medical, physical rehab, and chiropractic services to help patients get well ...

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2016 Year-End Tax Planning Letter

Nick Ong / December 02, 2016 /

Tax Planning

Dear Clients and Friends, As 2016 winds down, a lame-duck Congress is unlikely to take action on tax legislation. The pace of activity may change next year, with a new Administration and ongoing talk ...

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Kick-start Deductions for a New Business

Nick Ong / November 18, 2016 /

Starting a New Business

Are you launching a new business venture? If so, you've probably spent money getting ready to open your doors. Normally, you're required to amortize these "startup" costs over a period of 180 months, ...

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Client Spotlight: Love to Travel

Nick Ong / November 01, 2016 /

Client Spotlight

Life is good at the beach house for Overland Park based travel agency, Love to Travel, as they continue to rack up awards in the travel industry. Kim and Dave Cook recently traveled back to the ...

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Changes to the Requirements for Claiming Education Tax Credits and Deductions

Nick Ong / October 17, 2016 /

Education Tax Benefits

Do you have the receipt for your fall semester tuition? Keeping track of your tuition and other qualified education costs may be more important than ever. Several laws enacted over the past few ...

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