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Gig Economy Tax Tips

Are you involved in the gig economy — or the labor market made up of freelance and other temporary work — that's gaining popularity? This type of sharing economy involves individuals and groups who ...

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Getting Ready For 2018 Income Tax Filings

Tax records needed for 2018 returns Tax filing season kicks off in a few weeks. What records should you assemble? Due to recent tax law changes, you may not need all the records you've kept before. ...

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New Tax Rules For Vehicle Trade-Ins.

Trading in a business car? Here are the new rules New tax legislation eliminated the tax deferral on exchanges of like-kind exchanges of property, except for real estate. This change (generally ...

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New IRS Rules For Meals & Entertainment

After the new law repealed deductions for entertainment expenses, many businesspeople figure their write-offs for treating customers or clients to meals are gone for good. But interim guidance handed ...

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Year End Business Tax Planning

10 tax-savvy business moves to make before 2019 Even though 2019 is just around the corner, you still have time to take action and save on your business tax bill. Here are 10 ideas to consider:...

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Simplified Employee Pension Plans

Small business owners: Consider an SEP One type of retirement plan that often fits the needs of small business owners is the Simplified Employee Pension (SEP). Typically, accounts are set up as SEP ...

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100% Deduction For Company Outings

    Have you planned a summer outing for your employees? It might be a picnic or barbecue for the Fourth of July. Despite recent tax law changes eliminating most entertainment and meal deductions, ...

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Making Extra Cash on the Side?

Richard Ong / July 08, 2016 /

Self Employment

Are you a first-time freelancer? Have you taken on temporary project- or contract-based work? Congratulations on becoming self-employed! If you didn't know this type of work is considered ...

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